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Choosing ClearVue for your next sewer inspection means partnering with a dedicated, unbiased expert in underground infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art camera technology delivers high-resolution video documentation, revealing the true condition of your sewer lines and helping you avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements. With ClearVue, you’re not just getting an inspection; you’re gaining valuable knowledge that empowers you to make informed, cost-effective decisions about your property’s plumbing health.

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You Get What Your Pay For

When it comes to sewer line inspections, remember that not all services are created equal. Inspections offered at low-cost or even for free by companies primarily engaged in sewer line replacement often, unsurprisingly, find “problems” that necessitate expensive replacement work. This bias can lead to recommendations for drastic solutions where simpler, more cost-effective methods could have been sufficient. ClearVue stands apart in this regard, as our primary focus is on providing unbiased, comprehensive inspections. We aim to give you a clear, accurate understanding of your sewer system’s condition, allowing you to make the most informed decision without the pressure of unnecessary replacements.


What we offer

Blockage Identification

Understanding what’s lurking beneath your property can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to potential blockages in your sewer lines. With ClearVue’s sophisticated camera technology, we make the unseen, seen, providing you a clear vision of your plumbing system’s inner workings. Our comprehensive inspection process will promptly identify any blockages, giving you the insight needed to make the best decision for your home or property. Don’t let a hidden blockage disrupt your day; let ClearVue uncover the truth for you!


Video Documentation

The value of video evidence when dealing with sewer line issues is unmatched. ClearVue’s high-resolution video inspections offer undeniable proof of the condition of your sewer lines, allowing you to make truly informed decisions about whether snaking, water jetting, repair, or replacement is necessary. This visual documentation prevents you from being misled by assumptions or unnecessary recommendations, ensuring that your hard-earned money is invested in the most appropriate solution for your specific issue. Trust in ClearVue’s video inspections for clarity, transparency, and peace of mind in managing your sewer line concerns.

Drain Assessment

Don’t let a blocked drain turn into a major headache. With ClearVue’s comprehensive drain assessment, you’ll get a clear understanding of your system’s condition and any potential issues lurking within. This crucial information can save homeowners and business owners from unnecessary spending on extensive repairs or replacements, by identifying problems such as blockages or damage early on. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions on the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for your drain problems, ensuring the health and longevity of your plumbing system.

Pipe Evaluation

When it comes to your sewer pipes, it’s what’s inside that counts. That’s where ClearVue Sewer Inspectors step in, offering a detailed evaluation to understand the health of your sewer system. Our advanced camera technology travels deep within your lines, exposing any hidden issues like cracks, leaks, or intrusions. With ClearVue, you’ll get more than just a surface assessment – you’ll get an in-depth understanding, allowing you to make informed decisions about maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

When buying a new property, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into – and that includes what’s underground. A pre-purchase inspection by ClearVue can help uncover hidden sewer and drain issues that might otherwise lead to unpleasant surprises and hefty repair bills down the road. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to plumbing; the cost of unknowingly inheriting a damaged sewer line can be enormous, often running into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Invest in knowledge with ClearVue’s thorough pre-purchase inspections and buy with confidence, knowing you’ve made a fully informed decision.

Maintenance Planning

Planning maintenance for your sewer lines doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. With ClearVue’s advanced video inspection technology, you gain a clear vision of your system’s current condition, allowing you to make informed decisions on maintenance schedules and necessary interventions. A proactive approach based on our comprehensive video inspection findings can help you prevent potential disruptions, save on costly emergency repairs, and prolong the lifespan of your sewer lines. Don’t just plan—plan smart with ClearVue’s expert sewer line video inspections.

Sewer Line Inspections

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to the health of your sewer lines. ClearVue’s high-resolution video inspections bring the state of your sewer system to light, empowering you to make informed, intelligent decisions. Whether you’re dealing with a persistent blockage, considering a property purchase, or planning regular maintenance, our in-depth video analysis offers a clear picture of what’s going on beneath the surface. With ClearVue, you can trust that your decisions are guided by accurate, comprehensive knowledge, not just guesswork.

Sewer Line Mapping

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to understanding the intricate layout of your property’s sewer system. ClearVue provides accurate sewer line mapping services, providing you with a comprehensive blueprint of your underground infrastructure. For a homeowner or business owner, this invaluable information allows for efficient planning of renovations or extensions, accurate location of blockages or leaks, and prevention of potential damage to the system during excavation or construction work. Navigate the complexities of your sewer system with ease, armed with the precise mapping provided by ClearVue.


Tree Root Detection

In the hidden world of your sewer lines, tree root intrusion can be a silent destroyer, causing blockages and serious damage over time. ClearVue’s sophisticated camera technology offers an accurate method of detecting these intrusions, revealing their presence before they wreak havoc. For homeowners and business owners, this crucial insight helps to avoid unnecessary costs associated with extensive repairs or replacements. Don’t let tree roots undermine your property’s plumbing system. With ClearVue, you can detect and address the issue head-on, saving you time, stress, and money.

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Accurate Problem Identification

A sewer camera inspection allows the homeowner to understand the precise nature of the problem. Clogs, leaks, or tree root intrusions can all lead to similar symptoms, such as slow drains or backups. Without a camera inspection, you're essentially guessing what the issue might be. By inspecting first, you can ensure that you're treating the actual problem, not just the symptoms. For instance, there's no need to replace a line that's simply clogged, just as there's little point in jetting a line that's cracked or broken.

Prevent Unnecessary Costs

As a homeowner, you're always looking to avoid unnecessary expenses. The cost difference between jetting a line and replacing it can be significant - often running into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. A sewer camera inspection can help you avoid these hefty costs by providing a clear picture of what's going on within the pipes. It helps in determining whether a simple jetting will solve the problem or if the issue is severe enough to require replacement, thus preventing you from spending money on services you don't need.

Transparent and Trustworthy Service

A sewer camera inspection provides a transparent and unbiased view of the condition of your sewer lines. This means that you can trust the report and recommendations provided by the inspection company. Especially if the company performing the inspection isn't also trying to sell you replacement services, you can be confident in their objectivity. Having an unbiased report allows you to shop around for the best solution, giving you control over the process and ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your situation.

Comprehensive Video Recording and Documentation Services

At Clear View Sewer , we understand the importance of clear visual evidence when it comes to sewer camera inspections. That’s why we offer comprehensive video recording and documentation services as part of our sewer camera inspection process.

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